Let’s Start Salsa!


You will learn how to dance Salsa On 1 LA-style (sometimes also called Salsa On-the-Line, because we move back and forward on an imaginary line of the dance floor), which is one of the most popular Salsa dance styles around the world (others being On 2 and Cuban style, which I don’t teach).

The class consists of 6 consecutive sessions 1.5 h with 30 minutes of voluntary social dancing after the class. We will have 2 sessions per week.

The topics we’ll cover in the class are:

  • The Basic Step (this step is common between all types of Salsa dancing)
  • Cross-Body-Lead (this is the signature move of LA-style Salsa)
  • The 6 Basic Turns for Followers (Right Turn, Left Turn, Inside Turn, Outside Turn, Enchufa, Reverse Enchufa)
  • Salsa Music (how to find the beat, how to find the one, what’s Salsa, what does Salsa sound like?)
  • Solo Dancing


We will have two sessions per week, most likely in the evening (6 or 7pm). If there is enough interest, we can also schedule a class in the morning or in the afternoon, but for now assume that the class will take place in the evening. Days and time will be agreed with students once we have enough students registered.

Starting When?

This class will start in October 2023, depending on how quickly the class fills up.


In a dance studio with proper dance floor and mirrors in or close to An Thuong, Da Nang, Vietnam.

How Much?

4 Sessions 1.5h each including 30 min of voluntary social dancing after the class for 500k VDN.

How to Register?

You can register (no payment or credit card required) here.

You register by contacting me via the following methods:

Email: robertbethge@web.de

Phone/WhatsApp/Zalo: +84-(0)77-956-0416


My Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Just-Salsa-107893315323906

or my personal Facebook profile at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580821926

This registration is NOT binding. Your registration is binding and non refundable once you paid after the first session.

Is Dance Experience Required?

No, nothing, absolutely nothing. I’ll teach you everything from the ground up.

Do I need a Partner?

No. We will try to balance out the number of leaders and followers. During the class, we will rotate partners regularly, so everybody dances with everybody. Being able to dance with different partners is an important skill for partner dancing. Even if you sign up with a partner (e.g. your spouse, BF, GF), you will switch partners. Switching partners is not optional.

How and When do I Pay?

You pay in cash for all 6 sessions of the course AFTER the first session. If you end up not liking the first session, you just don’t come back, no problem.

I don’t accept payment per session, because it usually has a negative impact on attendance.

Do I have to Attend all Sessions?

I STRONGLY advice attending all sessions, since they build on top of each other. If you miss one session, no problem. If you miss two sessions we can maybe schedule a (PAID) private class to catch you up. If you miss three sessions or more you’ll miss 50% of the class or more and you should consider signing up another time.

Do I need Dance Shoes?

No, for beginner classes, dance shoes are not required. Sneakers are fine, however, flip flops and lose fitting sandals are not good…you can also dance in socks.

What Clothes Should I Wear During the Class?

Salsa is a high energy dance…you will break a sweat! I recommend gym clothes or what you would wear for a Zumba workout, but regular street clothes (jeans, t-shirt,…) are fine, too!